Matthew Taormina

About Me




         I am a Certified Massage Therapist and graduate of the National Holistic Institute's 900-hour massage therapy program. As a part of that program I worked as an extern at the Dhyana Center in Sebastopol CA, where I was introduced to the concepts of Ayurvedic healing practices.  I was instantly amazed by the benefits of cupping therapy, so I decided to get some additional training and certification through the ACE institute. I am a hobby herbalist and an advocate of alternative healing. 

Before becoming a massage therapist, I worked for many years as a chef and gardener.  I found it very satisfying to nurture my community with healthy, nourishing food.  Though I loved cooking, (and still do) the hard work and long hours often left my body in pain. Finding the right massage therapist helped my body function better than I thought it could. This inspired me to take a more direct, hands on approach to my passion for wellness.  Now, thanks to my training and education, I have the wonderful opportunity to be that right massage therapist for others, to help members of my community feel and function their best.